How to spy on someone’s cell phone without installing on target phone

How to spy on someone’s cell phone without installing on target phone

Spy on someone’s phone without installing on target phone

Hacking or spying someone’s phone might seem an interesting task but it isn’t! There are some who spy on others just for fun and some do it for real purpose. If you spy simply for fun then this is something not good. Spying is a task which is to be done only when you have objectives like saving someone, collecting proof and watching the activity to control them. This article is for people who are looking to spy on someone’s device because of some reason. Here we will tell you how to spy on a person’s device without installing any spy tool on their phone.

Spy on someone's phone without installing on target phone

Spy on someone’s phone without installing on target phone

There is some spying tool which works very well and is not needed to be installed on the target phone. One such app is FreeSpy which you are required to download only on your device. A user is saved from the risk of detection when they do not have to install any kind of app on the target phone. FreeSpy is one of the most used and highly trusted apps at present which people are using to spy on the target device.

This app won the hearts of the user because of its-

  • Best user interface
  • Great features
  • Smooth functioning
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Best customer support services

Hence, if you have the need over spying on someone’s device because you really want to know what they hiding from you, then you can use FreeSpy.

Why I spy on someone’s phone

There can be many reasons to spy but common ones are-

  • To control kids– When you are busy in office work and your kids are alone at home you don’t know what they do. They might tell you that they were at home the whole day but actually, they were out somewhere. They might have gone to a pub or lounge with their friends. You when making use of FreeSpy you can see that where your kids are! GPS tracker is the feature which will fetch out information about where is your child. When you can track them and caught them lying they will never get the chance to lie again.
  • To Catch Cheating partner– You become irritated and angry when your lover doesn’t call you. They tell you that they are busy and you are not ready to believe it. In such situation spy on their phone and see where and with whom they are busy in chatting. You will be able to identify and reveal the real face of your partner when you see his/her chats and listen to calls.
  • To keep eye on workers– The work you told one of your employees to do is not finished yet. What he/ she was doing? To know if your employees really working or are busy chatting on the phone, you can make use of FreeSpy.

If you have doubt on your spouse and you want to find the truth then this is the time that you make use of this trusted spy app – FreeSpy app. This app can be easily downloaded from this site ( You need to download it only on your phone and by the help of your user control panel you can easily get the details of the activity of the target phone.

Why need FreeSpy for spying cell phone

FreeSpy works smoothly both on android device and iPhone device. Also, no matter which version of the phone target person has it can easily hack it and you can spy on them. There are lots of features which you will be using when you get this app on your phone. Some of the features are like this-

  • Record voice call, video calls
  • Record browser history
  • Record call history, contact list
  • Spy social media account of the target person
  • Spy the location of the phone
  • Spy IM chats and SMS chats
  • Record passwords and patterns of the phone


A user can make use of the features as per their needs and to use all these features they have to make subscription and then they can spy. The monthly package will allow the user to spy freely on the device for a month and see all the recorded content from the control panel. They can save the recorded files and they can see it whenever they want. The user remains undetectable while they spy. The user device also remains free from viruses because this app is 100% virus free. You can now go and try this app to know more.

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