Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone

Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone

Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone

This type is very old. You do not need to install any kind of spy app. You have to spy, which is called a human spy. Moreover, you can spy on your kid when they are not with their smartphone. This means they are bathing or went somewhere else. And you have only less time so you can open the chat and see. But before you need to know the password of the phone. You will know the password by when the kid is sitting somewhere, and you can easily spy from the back if you need to find out that place in your house. And when the kid is starting to use that phone, you can slowly walk and stand or sit behind them and peep into their phone.

After that, you will easily know the password of the smartphone. When the kids are not around with the phone, you can unlock the smartphone with the password you already know and read all chats. But the disadvantage is that you will get only less time to use. And one more is that you can be easily caught.

So parents and other people ask how to spy secretly without giving a hint to our kids. And the answer is by downloading the cell phone spy free app such as TheTruthSpy ( in your kids s art phone.

Free SMS Tracker App

Free SMS Tracker App

Free SMS Tracker App

With the help of this app, you can not only read chats, but you can track them. You can get every small detail which is necessary. And no need to do human spy. Just install the app, and you can spy from anywhere. But both the phone should have internet access.

Features of Free SMS Tracker

  • Social media

You can view every social media app. See the chats and photos of other persons. And what was the conversation about? When the conversation was happening, you will be able to see deleted certain things also.

With the help of this feature, you can track the person. You can see the person where was he or she before. You can track the exact time also.

  • Gallery

By this, you will be able to see photos and videos which are present on the phone. You can even save it on your smartphone. There are many more features available to you for free.

Steps to Track SMS Messages

Steps to Track SMS Messages

Steps to Track SMS Messages

Step 1: Download

First, you need to visit to download Free SMS Tracker app.

Step 2: Setup

Second, open the Free SMS Tracker APK file and install it on the phone. Follow some steps, register your account, and hide the app.

Step 3: View SMS History

Final, log in to Live Panel at and choose the SMS History option, you can view all SMS history.


So this type of spy will help you get to know more information about the person you want. If you follow the installation steps correctly, you will not be caught. You can spy from anywhere, and there is no need to buy the app because it is free for everyone. Mostly spying apps are costly. But this app is free so download the app and spy on the person you want.

Most people want to spy on SMS so it is a very good advantage you can spy on SMS and also social media chats. Mainly SMS contains more information, so if you are looking for that, you will get it. The information will also contain history like the time, date, and who was the other person behind the SMS. This app is built for a good purpose. You can track the real-time location of the person also and SMS also. It is like watching something which is life. By this, you will know every move at the person.

This all can be very helpful for boyfriends and girlfriends because you want to know that your partner is really in love with you or being fake. Your answers will be clear with this one app. So what are you waiting for just go on the site and download it? If you are a parent, then by this you can do parental control also. So to keep your kids away from bad things do not worry about space. The app requires less space to run.

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