Text Message Spy

Text Message Spy using FreeSpy

However, the text messages are a conservative method of chatting, and they are quite famous among the people of different business. And if you are a manger of any business and need to track your employee’s text activities, then get on to the FreeSpy text messages tracker and start spying their activities all the way with accurate time and date stamps.

Have you ever hacked someone’s device? Don’t you think it is humorous to see what another person, specifically your partners, employees, friends, kids? Hacking is your great chance to see what other persons are talking about you. Though, you require a better tool to hack on text messages. FreeSpy is one of the effective tools with a hack on text messages benefits to assists you know and see complete text messages with exact date and time.

This tool permits you to perfectly track your partner, spouse, kids, and friends with the feature of GPS location tracker. All you want to hack, FreeSpy, has it all. It offers various kinds of features such as SMS tracker, WhatsApp tracker, call recorder, GPS location tracker, etc. This software is very easy to install and uninstall. The victim’s person cannot understand that they are being supervised. You can see every activity on the online dashboard you receive after registering on the software. Not only you can hack on text messages, but also record and listen to voice calls and understand the views of other people about you.

Text Message Spy using FreeSpy

Text Message Spy using FreeSpy

What are the functions of the spy app

  • Hack on text messages, whether they were received or sent by the target person.
  • View the messages sent and received using WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook.
  • View history of calls, including contact name, duration of call, date, and time stamp.
  • Gets access to information on contact books, including phone numbers, contact names, and any other information such as email address or occupation.
  • View a complete history of the browser and monitor how and when frequently the target user goes to the particular sites.
  • Get a picture all the time a target person unlocks the device to view who is actually using it at any time.
  • Track the location of the android device
  • Provide an alert all the time a target person changes the sim card
  • It works on stealth mode; thus, the target person never knows about spying.

As you see, this application offers you an opportunity to do so much then just hack on text messages. Free FreeSpy account permits you to hack up to many phones, and thus if you need to use this app for more than one kid or need it to track the employee’s activity, then this spy application is best for you.

The combination of all these benefits and functions is absolutely enough when you need to know as much info as possible because they spy all the aspects of the target person’s activity.

Installation – fats and trouble free

You don’t require being a genius of computer or doing anything special to install this text messages spy software on the target person’s device. The best part is it completes only within a minute. The three steps to perfectly install this app include:

  • Establishing a free online user account
  • Downloading and installing software from your account on the victim’s phone
  • Seeing every hacked data remotely from the user account

Thanks to the FreeSpy that complete detail is received on the online account, you are able to see it from any phone, but make sure it connects with high-speed internet. At the time of tool installation, you can select to disable or enable specific features depending on what your target is.

How can this hack tool become beneficial to you

We live in a world where online interaction has become a great part of our life as people only communicate with each other via the internet. Meanwhile, there is a number of benefits that can readily access the internet, but it also dangerous for your kids. So it is very tough to protect kids from online threats in this digital age.

In such a manner, using this free text message app is not a thing that should be seen as the last option, but slightly as a protective tool. Continuously playing and texting on the device can affect the studies of your children as they are always distracted and can’t suitable focus on their studies. Once you install the FreeSpy app, it is possible for you to monitor which sites are watching by your children and whether they see any information or images that are unsuitable for their age.


So, install this application today and start monitoring your kid’s text messages. Hit on this link to download the FreeSpy app.