Features of Free Mobile Spy App

The best features of FreeSpy Free Spy App

Are you thinking that you should need to spy someone’s phone activity? Maybe they are your client, colleagues, friend, family member, your child, or anyone. No matter what is the reason for spying the phone? Maybe you worried about them or you have a doubt so the reasons are many. But when you think about a spy phone then you should know about it. The first thing you need to know is you will need one best app. So how can you find that go to the internet and search the spying app, compare their price and the most important thing is its feature. You need many features if you want to best result.

The best features of FreeSpy Free Spy App

The best features of FreeSpy Free Spy App

Today many apps claim that it has a good feature but some apps are a fraud. Then how can you choose the spy app. don’t worry, in this article, we will talk about the top most spying app and this app have endless feature. That feature will help you a lot to spy your target phone’s activity.

GPS tracker: – Through this feature you can track the live location of your target device. This feature record and send all past location too on your control panel. You can easily see the location name with exact time, date and day. If your children go to school, college, office, then you can set the area. When they cross this set zone then you will get the notification on your phone.

SMS spy: – This feature allows you to read the messages. You can read all multimedia messages like videos, images, etc. Also see text messages and other social media app messages. This feature records all messages and sends them on your phone. So if your target user deletes all messages then you don’t worry,because on your control panel these messages will already save. You can see the sent, received, and deleted messages too with time, date.

Keylogger: – This is the important feature of FreeSpy app because of keylogger record all keys that is entered on your target device. Means this keylogger provides you all messages, contact no, password, etc. If your target user changes their phone and any application’s password then you will get the alert about the change and also get the new password.

Call spy: – Call spy help you to see all call details of your target person. You can easily access their call log details like dialed call, missed call, received call, deleted call, etc. And also see the call duration, call time and date, no of calls, etc. You will be able to listen to the live call of your target user. If you are busy then don’t worry you will get all call recording on your phone. You can listen to the call anytime and anywhere.

Ambient recorder: – With this feature, you can listen to the surrounding and background voice of your target device. This feature records all voice and sound and send o your phone. With the help of this feature you can easily recognize that with whom and which place your target user visits.

File manager spy:- With this feature, you can easily view all the files like images, videos, documents, pdf files and hidden files too of your target device. You can track your target user’s gallery and camera too.

Social media app spy: – With the help of social media spy feature, you can monitor all activity of your target user. You can see the post, timeline, status, and other activity too like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

Browser spy: – Through this feature, you can monitor the browser activity too you can see what your target user search and watch on the internet. You can also able to see the search history of your target device. If you want to block any unwanted application or website then you can block this site from your phone without knowing your target user.

Application spy: – App spy is a feature that allows you to see which app exists on your target phone. Its login period, use time, which time they use and how long, you can see all details about the app.


FreeSpy application offers many other features, and it is easy to use. To use this app, you need to visit FreeSpy.APP link and download this app and register and create an account. Then click the login after that you can monitor your target device. This app is undetected by any other spying app and offers the best customer support services. FreeSpy app offers 24 hours free trial and then you need to buy a subscription for its use.