Track Browsing Internet History

Most teenage kids watch inappropriate content on their phones. As their phones locked, you cannot check them.

However, there is an alternate option that helps you to check the browsing history on their phones. You can use spying apps to spy on their browsing history.

It will help you in parental control. There are many parents who use spying apps to spy on their kids.

You can use the Free Spy app to spy for free. It is a free spying app. You can use this app to spy on the browsing history for free.

Employers also spy on browsing history to know what their employees are doing at work. There are many employees who use the office computer to watch YouTube and use social media.

Track Browsing History

Track Browsing History

Track Browsing History

Free Spy App helps employers to keep a watch on the employees and maintain discipline in the company.

  • Track History: When you track browsing history, you will get the complete search and watch history from the browser. You will be able to track the full history and set age restrictions.
  • Website Name: You will get the name of the website when you use this feature. Whichever website the person visits, you will get the name of the website.
  • Website URL: Apart from the name of the website, you will also get the URL of the website. You can use the URL to see what type of website it is.
  • Date/Time: You will get information about the date and time of the search. You will come to know at what time your kids use the website.

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How to Track Browsing History?

If you want to track browsing history on a phone for free, you need to download and install the Free Spy App. This app contains a tracking feature. It will help you to track the web browsing history on the phone. Follow these steps.

  • Download: Follow this step if you are spying on an android phone. On an Android phone, you have to download the app on the phone. You can download the app from the website at After that, you need to install the app on the phone. After installation, you need to register for the app.
  • Login: The last step is to log in. You can log in to the account to start spying. This option is given on the website.
  • Track Browsing History: After you reach the account, you need to use Track Browsing History. It will help you to track browsing history on the phone for free. You will detail all the websites.