WhatsApp Spy

Almost every person uses WhatsApp on their phone. It is a very important messenger app.

You can use it for chatting with your friends and loved ones. It has become an important part of daily communication.

You can use this app for free. Another benefit of WhatsApp is that you can use it to make calls.

So if you want to know what messages your kids are exchanging or sharing, you need to spy on WhatsApp. It also helps you to spy on their call logs.

WhatsApp Spy is an amazing spying feature. Most of the parents use this feature to monitor their kids. Employers also use this spying feature to spy on their employees.

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy is a very important spying feature of the Free Spy App. If you want to spy on WhatsApp for free, you need to use the Free Spy App.

It is a free spying app that contains the WhatsApp Spying feature. When you use this feature, you will get information about all the messages and chats on WhatsApp.

You can use WhatsApp Spy to catch a cheating spouse as well. Many partners spy on WhatsApp to know who their spouse is talking to and why they are spending too much time on their phones.

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Why Use WhatsApp Spy?

You can use the WhatsApp spy feature for various purposes. It is a very important spying feature.

  • Personal Chats: It helps you to spy on all the personal chats. You can read all their personal chats and conversations.
  • Groups Chats: Many people create groups on WhatsApp. You can also use this feature to spy on group WhatsApp messages. You can spy on all the WhatsApp groups.
  • Call Logs: Nowadays most people use WhatsApp to make calls as it is free. You can use this feature to spy on all the WhatsApp call logs. You can check voice call logs as well as video call logs.
  • Media: It also helps you to spy on the media which people exchange on WhatsApp. You can spy on the pictures, videos, audio, and all the other media files.
  • WhatsApp Contacts: This feature gives you all the details about WhatsApp contacts. You can check the name of the person, their number as well as a picture.

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How to Use WhatsApp Spy?

Use WhatsApp Spy

Use WhatsApp Spy

If you want to spy on WhatsApp, you need to use a spying app. In order to spy for free, you can use Free Spy App. Most people use the WhatsApp application on their phones. You can use a spying app to spy on this app. First, you have to download and install the app on the phone.

If someone is using WhatsApp on an android phone, you need to follow these steps. It is only for spying on an android phone.

  • Download & Install: You have to physically download the app on the android phone to use it. So first, you have to get the phone. After that, you need to modify the settings to download the app. Use the link given on the website to download the app at https://freespy.app/install-free-spy-app/. After downloading, you need to install the app on the phone. Installation is pretty simple. All you need to do is open the file and install it.
  • Sign Up: After installing the app, you need to create your account. You can do it directly from the app. You need to open the app and use the signup option. It will help you to create your account. After that, you can sign in to the app and close it.
  • Login: To start spying on WhatsApp, you need to access your account. To do this, you need to log in from the website.
  • WhatsApp Spy: Once you login into the app, you have to use the WhatsApp Spy feature. It will help you to spy on all the WhatsApp activities.