WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy using FreeSpy (Android)

Presently, WhatsApp is among the very common social media sites that enable simpler communicate between family and friends. Though, WhatsApp app, as well as another like social media apps, typically arouses the requirement for genuineness among many social media groups during the process of communication. Some person wants to see what’s actually going on the other person’s side, but it cannot be probable without seeing the WhatsApp messages for other person’s. If you cannot get used to your kids, partners, or any other person, then you would probably require additional ‘powers’. You will require the power of the WhatsApp spy, too, FreeSpy.

WhatsApp Spy using FreeSpy (Android)

WhatsApp Spy using FreeSpy (Android)

WhatsApp spy function

Call recording

WhatsApp spy hacks all the phone calls with the duration of the call and the contact information. All this detail is then received by your online account.


You can track every WhatsApp location of the target device with the help of FreeSpy. Additionally, the GPS location tracker feature makes location tracking works more easy and fast.

Stealth mode

WhatsApp spy will be hidden from the target person, even on an unrooted device.

Spy on MMS, SMS, Facebook, and WhatsApp messages

Every picture, audio files, messages, and videos that were shared via the target device will be tracked even if the target person tries to remove them.

Monitor more than one device

A one spy account can hack more than one device, including tablets and phones.

Front camera photos

At the time, when the target person unlock their device; a picture is automatically clicked and sent to the information section of your user account.

Internet activity

All the things that the target person does online will be hacked, even if they use incognito mode on their web browser.

Changing sim card

While the target person removes or changes their sim card, then an alert will be sent automatically to your online dashboard.

For parents

However, a mobile phone is the best tool to keep in touch with your children, and most parents are still uncertain about giving their kids a phone. The benefit of this smart tool is you can use this beneficial tool for contacting your children, whenever you required to. The disadvantage, though, is that a smart device can also distract your lids from studies and even pose a risk to your children’s security. Spy apps is the best ever method to protect your kids from online harassments and it also helps to know about your partner’s life which they are hiding from you.

Thankfully, now the technology has updated, and you can secure your children from sharing their own detail with unknown people, threatening themselves, and their family or playing online games during their studies hours.

For employers

Concerned maternities are not only ones who will take advantage of WhatsApp spy app.

Supervise your employees; it also a huge job, especially if there are a number of staff members in your business. No one wants to work hard if there is no manager monitoring over your work.

So WhatsApp spy is a snooping tool that keeps an eye on the functioning of all the staffs in all working hours. It is a big advantage of spy tool that all the workers can perform their task accurately even in your absence. Thus after installing this software, you can readily start monitor over your employees and their time to time activities.

How to monitor WhatsApp chats

You can simply use FreeSpy to track target person’s WhatsApp chats. This tool assists you to hack all the WhatsApp data and information such as chats, duration of each voice call with accurate date and time stamp, and video calls, etc. You can also hack the multimedia files of target WhatsApp, such as photos and videos that have been sending via WhatsApp account. You can readily track all the events, including deleted chats on WhatsApp directly from the FreeSpy control panel at any time.

If you were searching for a free WhatsApp spy tool, then you have found what you were searching for. WhatsApp hack is one of the innovative tools which you can download at free of cost. Even although its functioning program is also free, you will be able to use complete of its advanced features such as stealth mode and call recording.

Once you begin using the WhatsApp spy app, you will find that it will entirely change your life and makes them easy from before. So why are you waiting and wasting time searching any spy app. Download it today and enjoy your spying job. FreeSpy is a very beneficial and effective tool that can provide you the best result than others surely.